16 juin 2011

Les conseils de Nathan Fillion pour la fête des pères...

Vous n'avez pas encore trouvé le cadeau idéal? Nathan Fillion vous donne ses idées de cadeaux dans la rubrique Vulture de NewYork mag.com

  1. I can't get over the convenience of Amazon. Think of something you need, click, done. Amazon Prime allows for free two-day shipping on a lot of products, and $4 if you want it overnight. Saves you time, and it's like Christmas opening all those packages…or like the mailman is in love with you. Either, or.
    (Tout d'abord, Nathan vante les mérites du site Amazon qui permet de gagner du temps et de trouver tout ce dont on a besoin)

  2. BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Speakerphone  

    (Kit bluetooth pour votre téléphone)

    It's imperative. This one holds a charge for ages, is packed with features, and because it's incredibly simple to use, you can get one for your techno-lame dad or grandpa without the guilt. The sound is clear, and it has noise-reduction tech, so for Pete's sake, don't yell into it.

  3. The Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

    (Haut-parleur bluetooth pour votre téléphone, ordinateur portable, ipad etc...)

    It's a single piece, rechargeable, and it carries impressive sound. Combined with the Pico Projector, you'll always have a mini-theater with you.
  4. Microvision Laser Pico Projector

    (le mini-projecteur. Toujours pour votre ordinateur ou téléphone)

    A mini-projector that connects to your iPhone, iPad, camera, or computer certainly isn't a necessity. But let me just say this: Pocket-size, rechargeable, LASERprojector. 'Nuff said.
  5. LED flashlights

    (lampe si vous vivez dans un endroit sombre et boisé comme lui (!) ou pour vous défendre lors d'une agression...)

    If you love a bright light, or live somewhere dark and woodsy like me, you'll love it. I have a Panther ball cap with LEDs in it that makes hands-free lighting a breeze for any project. Also, if you are looking for security while walking your dog, flash a Cree three-watt LED in an attacker's eyes, then crack him on the forehead with the beveled edge.

Nathan Fillion, toujours à la pointe de la technologie et toujours avec humour xD

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  1. Trop fort, ses commentaires ! Mention spéciale pour le dernier article (projecteur pour iPod). Rien de très étonnant dans ses choix, en tout cas. :-)